oil & gas

Drilling Engineering 

  • Wellbore Integrity Evaluation

  • Oil & Gas Wellbore Design

  • Oil & Gas Well Testing Analysis

Wellbore Completion and Stimulation

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Analysis

  • Fracturing Diagnostic Testing Analysis

  • Matrix Acidizing and Acid Fracturing

Production Optimization and Flow Assurance

  • Asphaltene, Wax and Gas Hydrate Formation, Deposition and Remediation

  • Multiphase Flow Modeling and Production System Simulation

  • Sand Production Control, Scale Formation and Corrosion Inhibition 

  • Artificial Life, Design, Simulation and Operation

  • Water Shutoff Operation, Analysis and Design

  • Produced Water Management

  • Heavy Oil Upgrading

  • Real Time Measurements, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis

  • EOR, Surfactant and Polymer Flooding