RBM and COVID-19

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RBM is taking necessary precautions to help prevent the spread of the virus and protect all employees and customers while keeping our operations and mitigate the long-term commercial impact. RBM has been monitoring the situation closely from the start of the outbreak and has implemented actions to minimize work disruption and its duty to the clients.


Steps taken in response to COVID-19


Working from Home. In order to prioritize RBM’s team safety, work-from-home policy has been recommended but not enforced. Therefore, our consultants have the option of providing consulting services from home or the office. All RBM’s project progress have been closely monitored and pleased to inform that all deadlines and deliverables have been and will be met accordingly. RBM’s clients have been tremendously supportive during these unprecedented events.

Business travel. For RBM’s team safety, and to help prevent the spread of the virus, RBM has suspended all business-related travels. The exception to this approach is project site visits within Texas, which are subject to enhanced measures completed in compliance with health directives.

Social distancing. For those who decide to work from the office location, meetings are limited to no more than 10 attendees including the organizer (or per San Antonio, TX guidance). RBM is encouraging social distancing, and the use of digital collaboration tools wherever possible. RBM has conditioned a meeting/conference room with 8-ft spacings to maintain social distancing in case a meeting needs to take place.


Events. RBM will continue collaborating and sharing knowledge with the industry using digital collaboration tools to provide webinars, informative sessions, and case studies.

This is a rapidly changing situation and RBM is continuously monitoring the events, publications, and guidelines specified by the City of San Antonio, the Texas Department of Public Health, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization. RBM remains vigilant and adapt responses as necessary to protect the well-being of RBM’s team and clients both domestic and international.


For more information please refer to:

https://www.sanantonio.gov/health/news/alerts/coronavirus https://www.dps.texas.gov/director_staff/media_and_communications/pr/2020/0331a